Technology Innovations in Diagnostic Medical Imaging solutions

    Renowned scientists, startup CEOs, CTOs from Medical Imaging industrial leaders and Innovative clinicians will disclose some innovations in Biomedical Imaging Technology for Diagnostic tests. Discover astonishing micro-technologies that will radically shape future Medical Imaging equipments. Learn about CEA-Leti latest R&D results and technology roadmaps.

    20 speakers will share their views on medical imaging innovations.
    150 attendees will hear about LETI research engineers and international experts


    10:30am – 12:30am : PART 1
    • Magnetoencephalography 
    • Electro-physiology 
    • Fluorescence Imaging 
    • Ultrasound Imaging

    Sandrine Catrou, VP Sales and Marketing,

    Dr Régine Trebossen,
    Executive Manager of France Life Imaging
    Frédéric Joliot Institute of Life Sciences

    France Life imaging, a large distributed research infrastructure for biomedical research
    Loïck Verger
    Industrial Partnership Manager for X- and Gamma-Ray Imaging Systems,

    CEA, a major source of innovation for medical imaging equipment manufacturers
    Dr Matthieu Le Prado

    Towards new functional imaging with magneto-encephalography
    Vincent Auboiroux, PhD
    Senior scientist
    Head of imaging platform, Clinatec
    CEA Leti

    MEG for clinical imaging at the Clinatec biomedical center
    Pr  Fabrice Wallois
    Clinical and Neuroscientific Advisor at 
    Seenel Imaging
    Head of the Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology Dept at Amiens Picardy Hospital
    Director of the Multimodal Analysis of Brain Function Research Group

    Innovative multimodal tools to better understand early neurodevelopment
    Stéphane Bonnet
    Biomedical Signal Processing scientist

    New innovative EEG technologies driven by clinical needs
    Dr Nicolas Felix
    VP Marketing & Product Strategy
    Chief Scientific Officer


    MEMS transducers for ultrasound medical imaging: an industrial perspective
    Dr Philippe Robert
    MEMS Business Development Manager & Senior Expert

    MEMS sensors under development at CEA-Leti for improved medical imaging
    Philippe Rizo

    Chief Scientific Officer of Fluoptics part of GETINGE

    Fluoptics : from lab to industrial merge within a medical equipment leader


    2:30pm – 4:30pm : PART 2
    • X-ray detectors for Radiology
    • Computed tomography 
    • X-rays imaging systems
    • Molecular imaging systems

    Dr Axel Clouet
    Technology & Market Analyst
    Yole Intelligence

    Update on industry and technology trends for X-ray detectors
    Pierre Rohr
    Head of Early stage R&D and R&D partnerships

    Overview and trends in Flat Panel Detectors for X-ray medical imaging
    Eric Gros-D'Aillon
    X-Ray detector Project Manager

    Development of a new generation of flat panel detector for medical radiography
    Sébastien Gorges
    Radiology Technical Director

    Stationary tomographic systems: technical challenges to exploit X-ray cold micro-sources
    Joachim Tabary
    X-Ray system Project Manager

    Moving radiology to the patient with new X-ray system architectures
    Stefan Ulzheimer, PhD
    Sr. Director Advanced Products Computed Tomography,
    Siemens Healthineers

    Whole body photon-counting CT – Fundamentals and clinical potential
    Andrea Brambilla
    X-Ray Computed Tomography Project Manager

    Photon counting detectors with improved spectral performance for X-ray CT
    Nathaniel Roth
    VP R&D,
    Spectrum Dynamics

    Innovation Transforming Nuclear Medicine
    Guillaume Montémont
    Gamma Ray Imaging Project Manager

    Beyond Anger camera: present and future of SPECT CZT technology
    Pr Philippe Douek
    MD, PhD, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic imaging,
    Louis Pradel Hospital

    Spectral CT clinical applications and future developments
    Beatriz Matesanz Garcia
    Director of Innovation for the Microwave and Imaging Solutions product line
    Thales Group

    Comité Stratégique de Filière (CSF-ITS) french initiative in Medical Imaging



    Régine Trebossen
    Executive Manager of France Life Imaging
    Frédéric Joliot Institute of Life Sciences, CEA-Leti


    Régine Trébossen is the executive manager of France Life Imaging, FLI, a research infrastructure gathering most of the imaging platforms for biomedical imaging research in France. She is also in charge of the animation of the industrial sector of the PASREL-Imaging project and, finally, she is the project manager of EBRAINS-France, the French node of a new European research infrastructure on the ESFRI roadmap since 2021.

    Régine Trébossen has an expertise in nuclear medical imaging, starting with a PhD in nuclear physics, comparing two technologies of positron emission tomography (PET), time-of-flight and no-time-of-flight technologies, defended in 1993. She worked at the Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot of the CEA where she led several research projects in instrumentation, reconstruction and image analysis in position emission tomography and single-photon emission tomography for nearly 20 years.

    Since 2013, her activities focus on the operational coordination of research infrastructures or projects aimed at providing advanced medical imaging services to large research communities including industrial partners in the fields of drug and imaging agent development, and imaging technologies.
    Loïck Verger
    Industrial Partnership Manager for X- and Gamma-Ray Imaging Systems,


    Loïck VERGER is CEA-Leti industrial partnership manager for X-ray and gamma-ray imaging technologies. After a Ph.D. Degree in 1992 on the potential use of Cd(Zn)Te detectors as a room temperature radiation detectors, he was in charge of maturing this new technology at CEA-Leti and was responsible for a CZT based gamma camera project for medical imaging with Saint-Gobain. In 2008, he was appointed head of the DETector laboratory (35 people) whose mission was to develop innovative detection technologies and systems based on Cd(Zn)Te detector technology for X-ray and gamma-ray imaging, including electronics and modelling, simulation, signal and information processing and characterization of prototype detector modules. Since 2018, as an industrial partnership manager, he promotes the incredible R&D expertise and experience of CEA-Leti in design, integration and test, and facilitate the transfer of next generations imaging detectors and systems towards industrial partners. He is daily in contact with companies from the medical field (radiology, scanner), the industrial field (radioisotope detection) and the security field (baggage screening) such as Thales, Trixell, Nuvia, Smiths Detection.... He is a member of the Steering Committee of the international conference on Room Temperature Semi-conductor Detector. He is the author of 106 papers, 10 as first author, 6 invited conferences, 4 conferences as chairman and 29 patents.
    Dr Matthieu Le Prado
    CEO, MAG4Health


    Matthieu holds an engineering degree from Grenoble INP and a PhD in quantum physics. He started his career at CEA in 2003 in high performance instrumentation for space and defense applications. He led a magnetometry laboratory from 2010, and drove the transition of a quantum magnetometer technology from space to medical. Since 2018, he has been business developer to promote and fund the emergence of a new generation of magnetoencephalographs, before co-founding Mag4health in April 2021. Mag4health has 8 employees focusing on the sell of its first products for research in 2023.
    Vincent Auboiroux, PhD
    Senior scientist , CEA Leti
    Head of imaging platform, Clinatec


    Vincent Auboiroux is a senior scientist at CEA-LETI, in charge of the imaging platform at Clinatec.
    He obtained his PhD degree in instrumentation for medical physics in 2011 before joining the Center for Biomedical Imaging at the University Hospitals of Geneva. He joined the CEA-LETI laboratory in 2012 where he leads neuroimaging activities for clinical and preclinical protocols.
    He is mainly interested in the transfer of methodological developments in MRI and magnetoencephalography for clinical use. He authored and co-authored 27 scientific publications and 1 patent in various domains ranging from MR-thermometry to the use of MEG as a planification tool for invasive BCI applications.
    Pr  Fabrice Wallois
    Clinical and Neuroscientific Advisor at Seenel Imaging
    Head of the Pediatric Clinical Neurophysiology Dept at 
    Amiens Picardy Hospital
    Director of the Multimodal Analysis of Brain Function Research Group, Inserm


    My research focuses on the analysis and maturation of neural networks, be they respiratory or cortical, physiological or pathological, in children and in animals. We have developed tools that make it possible to describe electric (EEG) and metabolic (NIRS) activities. Their modulations in pathological situations, as well as tracking the sources of these cerebral activities in children, and particularly prematurely so, are central to this research. In 2004, we created the GRAMFC, an innovation that allows simultaneous analysis of modifications in electric (High resolution EEG) local hemodynamic (High Resolution NIRS, Optical imaging) cerebral activity, both physiologically (cerebral maturation) and for pathological conditions (anoxic ischemia in premature babies, prenatal neurological suffering, and convulsions/epilepsy in children). With its combination of neuropsychologists, intensive care paediatricians, and signal processing experts, our research unit (EA4293) was recognized both in 2008 by the French Ministry of Research and in 2010 by the Inserm (U 1105).
    Stéphane Bonnet
    Biomedical Signal Processing scientist, CEA-Leti


    Stéphane Bonnet is a senior scientist at CEA-LETI, specialized in biomedical signal processing.
    He received his PhD in medical imaging from National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon in 2000. In February 2001, he joined the CEA-LETI as a post-doctoral student to work on the DynCT European project (IST-1999-10515) on Dynamic Computed Tomography. Since then, he has led several projects focused on motion capture for Healthcare applications. Since 2004, he was involved in R&D in the area of information processing related to neurosciences applications ranging from MEA onboard spike detection to EEG-based BCI with several PhD students. More recently, he was involved in the development of several medical devices for healthcare monitoring. He has expertise in inverse problems, machine learning, signal processing and differential geometry and he contributed to 35 papers, 80 conferences and 20 patents in various domains like EEG-based brain-computer interfaces, impedance tomography, photo-plethysmography to cite a few.
    Philippe Rizo
    Co-Founder of FLUOPTICS 
    Chief Scientific Officer of Fluoptics part of GETINGE


    Philippe Rizo is an expert in imaging and one of the co-founders of FLUOPTICS©. Philippe provides FLUOPTICS© with 30-years of experience in imaging (Optics and X-Rays).  FLUOPTICS©, part of GETINGE since 2022, is the European expert in fluorescence imaging as an aid to surgery. Our solutions combine a fluorescent marker and an imaging system for the visualization, in real-time during surgery, of physiological and biological phenomena which are invisible to the naked eye. The surgeon’s actions are guided with greater precision for more safety and improved operating efficiency. These technologies are the result of ten years of research. FLUOPTICS© exploits a portfolio of patents from its partners from the CEA-Leti, the Joseph-Fourier University, Inserm and CNRS. The FLUOPTICS© products were developed and validated by international clinical teams in order to better respond to the patients’ needs and health challenges.
    Dr Nicolas Felix
    VP Marketing & Product Strategy, VERMON
    Chief Scientific Officer, DOLIAM


    Dr Felix started his career at Vermon early 2000s as research project manager where he developed the first generations of Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) and innovative transducer architectures. Joined Supersonic Imagine in 2007 as Product specialist to develop new clinical applications based on Shear Wave Elastography. He rejoined Doliam group and Vermon in 2017 to work on the product strategies and innovations.
    Dr Philippe Robert,
    MEMS Business Development Manager & Senior Expert, CEA-Leti


    Philippe Robert is Business Development Manager & Senior Expert at CEA-Leti for the MEMS Sensors and Actuators activities.
    After serving various positions in the sensor industry, he joined CEA-Leti in 2001 as project manager for RF-MEMS research and was promoted manager of the MEMS Sensors Group from 2003 to 2013, and head of the Microsystems Department from 2013 to 2019.
    He received a M.Sc. degree in optical electronic in 1991 and a Ph.D in electrical engineering in 1996 from Grenoble-INP, France. He has authored or co-authored about 40 journal papers and conference contributions, and holds more than 60 patents dealing with MEMS and NEMS. He was member of the IEEE-MEMS Technical Committee in 2007 and 2008 and of the International MEMS Industry Forum Committee at SEMI Europe 2014. Currently, he is member of the International Steering Committee of TRANSDUCERS conference, of the EUROSENSORS conference and of the MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit.
    Dr Axel Clouet
    Technology & Market Analyst, Yole Intelligence


    Axel Clouet, Ph.D., is a Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group, within the Photonics and Sensing division, as part of the Imaging Team. He contributes daily to technology & market analyses on various imaging technologies and participates in the production of the relevant reports. Previously, Axel Clouet obtained an MSc from Grenoble Institute of Technology (FR) and a Ph.D. from the University of Grenoble (FR) in collaboration with CEA-LETI, where he worked on color and noise aspects in CMOS image sensors. He is the author of various scientific papers and conference presentations.
    Pierre Rohr
    Head of Early stage R&D and R&D partnerships, TRIXELL


    Pierre ROHR has about 30 years of experience in X-ray, gamma ray and particle detection. He received its PhD in semiconductors physics from University of Strasbourg in 1995, during that period he acquires a large experience in analysis methods based on particles detection generated by medium and high-energy accelerators. He joined AREVA/COGEMA in 1995 and was in charge of the development of silicon detectors for scientific and particle physics applications, as well as for nuclear power-plants safety and space applications. Since 2001, he is part of TRIXELL and thus joined the field of X-ray imaging for medical application. He managed several innovative detection technologies projects, in coordination with external partners, most of those projects got French national or European funding support. He has also established the basis of long-term cooperation between TRIXELL and several partners, one of those resulting in the creation of a CEA/TRIXELL common lab.
    Eric Gros-D'Aillon
    X-Ray detector Project Manager , CEA-Leti


    Dr Eric Gros-D'Aillon joined CEA-Leti in 2006 as a research engineer after a Master degree in detection physics and a Ph.D. on gamma-ray semiconducting detectors for SPECT. His research covered a large range of detectors technologies such as semiconductor detectors working in spectrometric and counting mode (CdTe and GaAs) and scintillator detectors (LYSO and CsI). Dr Gros-d'Aillon also worked on the CMOS readout circuits which are coupled to these detectors.
    Dr Gros-d'Aillon has been appointed  CEA expert in 2021. He received the HDR degree (Accredited to Supervise Research) from University Grenoble Alpes in 2015 and has supervised a dozen PhD students.  He is the author of 18 scientific papers and holds 10 patents. Dr Gros-d'Aillon is part of the organization committee for the international conference on New Developments In PhotoDetection (NDIP).
    Doctor Gros-d'Aillon has always been working in close collaboration with CEA-Leti industrial partners and he is currently in charge of the common lab between CEA-Leti and Trixell. Two detectors developed by Dr Gros-d'Aillon have been successfully transferred to the industry: a CT detector in counting mode for Siemens Healthineers and a very low noise CMOS based radiographic sensors for Trixell.  Doctor Gros-d'Aillon is currently investigating perovskite detectors for X-ray medical radiography.
    Sébastien Gorges
    Radiology Technical Director, Thales


    Sébastien Gorges is currently CTO at Thales and has worked for more than 20 years in the design of products for X-ray imaging. He oversees technical developments around X-ray detectors, imaging software and new complete systems both for the medical sector and baggage control for airports.
    Sébastien Gorges prepared a thesis in 2007 in computer vision with INRIA Nancy in collaboration with the University Hospital of Nancy and GE Healthcare. He then joined GE Healthcare and spent ten years in charge of the development of image fusion solutions. He participated in the marketing of several X-ray systems and coordinated multi-site teams (US, India & Hungary).
    Since 2013, Sébastien has been working at Thales (radiology business segment) at the Moirans site (near Grenoble) and has held various technical management positions. While contributing to the development of several X-ray imaging systems integrated into surgical and cardiovascular equipment, he develops innovative imaging solutions for stationary tomographic systems, exploiting networks of X-ray micro-sources based on cold cathode (carbon nanotubes).
    Technical expertise: computer vision, 2D and 3D algorithm, image chain & clinical application for radiology.
    Bibliography: ~15 international publications & 20 patents.
    Joachim Tabary
    X-Ray system Project Manager, CEA-Leti


    Joachim Tabary is project manager in X-ray systems in the Optics and Photonics department of CEA-Leti. He has 20 years of experience in modeling X-ray systems and detectors. He is notably one of the developers of the Sindbad simulator, which models any X-ray system, from the generation of photons in the sources to the interaction between X-rays and matter and up to the creation of the image inside many types of detectors. For several years, he has managed projects of development of X-ray systems based on various techniques (transmission, backscatter, diffraction), mainly for security and medical applications. He has directed theses in the field of X-ray diffraction (for security and medical applications) and scattering correction in radiography and tomography. He is now the CEA technical manager of the joint laboratory with Thales. The objective of this joint laboratory is to design new stationary X-ray systems by exploiting the technology of compact X-ray sources developed by Thales and based on carbon nanotubes (CNT).
    Stefan Ulzheimer, PhD

    Sr. Director Advanced Products Computed Tomography,
    Siemens Healthineers


    Stefan Ulzheimer, PhD works in the NAEOTOM product line of the business unit computed tomography at Siemens Healthcare in Germany. Previously, he held various other positions in marketing and coordinated the global research relationships for computed tomography while being based at the US headquarters of Siemens Healthcare. He joined Siemens in 2004 and worked in the R&D department as collaboration manager and was responsible for interventional and cardiac related products on the R&D side.  He is a trained physicist and obtained his PhD in medical physics from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany in 2001. Before he was general manager of a university’s spin-off company and won the Bavarian Business Plan Competition for his business concept “TomoScope - A micro CT system for small animal imaging” in 2003.
    Andrea Brambilla
    X-Ray Computed Tomography Project Manager, CEA-Leti


    Andrea BRAMBILLA is Research Director & Senior Expert at CEA for X-ray imaging systems.
    He received a M.Sc. degree experimental physics in 1994 and a Ph.D in nuclear science in 1998 from University of Paris Saclay, France. He joined CEA-Leti in 2001 to support the study of new semiconductor materials for the conversion of X-rays in large area flat panel detectors. He has participated in the development of novel detector architectures that have been transferred to industry: large area CMOS flat panel detectors, multi-energy X-ray imaging detector for luggage control. In 2022, he is appointed manager for the ColorCT project, a research program to develop a new Photon Counting Detector module for spectral X-ray tomography. He has authored or co-authored about 65 journal papers and conference contributions, and filled 10 patents. His skills include detector physics, radiation interaction with matter physics, simulation and signal processing.
    Pr Philippe Douek
    MD, PhD, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic imaging,
    Louis Pradel Hospital


    Philippe C. Douek, is Professor of Cardio-Vascular Radiology, teacher and researcher on the organization chart of  CREATIS ,UMR-CNRS 5220, INSERM U. 1294, former chairman of a consortium of 10 Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in  Lyon, France including 60 physicians,  600 paramedics, 20 technicians. Prof. Douek has given > 60 invited lectures internationally, has authored > 220  articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, 15 book chapters, and two books.
    He is the leader of France Life Imaging research network in Lyon.
    He has strong experience in coordination of preclinical and clinical projects in imaging research involving clinicians, basic science researchers; imaging and pharmaceutical companies. He is in charge of the co-development of the SPCCT technique and is the coordinator of the European project H2020 on SPCCT research.  His group is recently involve in theragnostic development with nanoprobes development and SPCCT through a new European project: ScaNtreat
    Director of Innovation for the Microwave and Imaging Solutions product line – Thales Group


    A graduate in industrial and mechanical engineering from the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon, France, Beatriz Matesanz Garcia has held various positions at General Electric and then at Thales in strategy, marketing, innovation and sales. She is currently Innovation Director of the Microwave and Imaging Solutions product line and Director of the IrixX segment, which develops imaging solutions for mobile medical radiology and airport security. 
    Thales, a major player in X-ray imaging, is co-leader of the French “comité stratégique de filière” on medical imaging. Two new-generation equipment will be developed: an ultra-compact and connected portable X-ray system thanks to tele-radiology and a mobile, autonomous tomosynthesis system for diagnosis at the patient's bedside. Beatriz Matesanz Garcia is involved in several working groups for the “comité stratégique de filière” on medical imaging.
    Guillaume Montémont
    Gamma Ray Imaging Project Manager, CEA-Leti


    Guillaume Montémont is a senior scientist at CEA-LETI in charge of gamma ray imaging projects. He has conducted projects for medical imaging (for both positron emission tomography and single photon emission tomography) and for safety/security (X-ray diffraction imaging, portable gamma imaging).
    His speciality is the development of high performance CdZnTe-based modules and imagers, with pioneer work in sub-pixel 3D positioning, advanced spectral corrections, collimator resolution recovery and Compton/coded aperture hybrid imaging.
    He has an initial education in detection physics, signal and image processing. After a Ph.D. degree in 2000 dedicated to gamma-ray spectrometry, he worked on readout electronics and digital signal processing applied to semiconducting radiation detectors. Since 2008, he works on imaging system design as a project manager. He is the author or co-author of 42 scientific papers and 17 granted patents.
    Sandrine Catrou
    VP of Sales and Marketing, CEA-Leti


    Sandrine Catrou obtained an Electrical Engineering diploma from ENSERB and a Master Degree in Microelectronics from Bordeaux University in 1991. She has spent more than 20 years in the semiconductor industry working for different companies and taking different positions ranging from Integrated Circuit designer, program manager, product marketing and business manager. In her industrial career, she had the opportunity to develop many miniaturized solutions and semiconductor processes in close collaboration with medical device manufacturers including Boehringer, William Demant, Sorin Group, Medtronic, Siemens Healthineers... In 2005, she became responsible for STMicroelectronics Foundry Business mainly focused on medical device applications. In 2011, she joined CEA Technology Transfer Office as Market Research Manager with global responsibility for CEA Electronics and Healthcare technology transfers. She has been involved in the creation of half a dozen CEA healthcare startups. In 2015, she joined CEA-Leti CTO office as Strategic Marketing Manager to work on the institute technology roadmaps and go-to-market strategy.

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